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Attacking Techniques

    Attacking Against a Cut-Off

    It takes good timing, courage, accuracy and speed to “cut off” an attacker with a gyaku zuki, as they are launching an attack. So, what to do when you are down on points and your opponent beats you by cutting you off with a gyaku zuki? Here are some ideas.

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    Defending against kicks

    Whether you are competing in karate, do kumite sparring or defending yourself, nobody like to be kicked in the head! It’s not only dangerous but humiliating.

    A. The first part of the video is about a nice little 3 point drill that helps you defend a front foot maswashi geri to the face.

      1. Move towards the kick, break the line, counter attack kezame tsuki
      2. Move back to block and counter gyaku tsuki
      3. The opponent delivers an ushiro mawashi geri and defending by moving towards the closed side of the opponent , keeping close while countering gyaku tsuki.

    In your training session let the opponent perform two front foot maswashi geris and one front foot ushiro mawashi geri to the target standing still. Secondly provide a moving target. Thirdly let the opponent move into the correct directions. Fourthly apply block and counter attacking.

    B. The second part of the video is some ideas around defending against a front foot mawashi while sweeping the opponent’s supporting leg. Be sure to keep your defence up when approaching with the sweep.


    Transport to Target

    How quickly you can get to the target to deliver your technique is an important part of karate. Isolating “transport to target” will help you to improve this aspect of your karate. You want to focus and overload getting to the target faster. This video gives some ideas (which is most certainly nothing new) on how we can emphasise training to get to target faster! Go for it! 

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