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6th Dan Japanese Karate Association – A Instructor B Examiner B Judge – Australia Karate Federation Accredited Coach – AKF State Level Referee

Stirling Karate – Karrinyup Perth.

Stirling Karate Karin Prinsloo 6th Dan JKA and Graz Prinsloo 3rd Dan JKA. Stirling Karate – Japanese Karate Association  - SKC....

SAJKA Championships 2016 Kumite

SAJKA Championships 2016 Kumite

SAJKA Championships 2016 Kumite Here are the biggest hits from 2016 SA JKA National Championships. This is always a well-organized prestigious event...

Welcome to KARIN PRINSLOO Karate Blog.

Karin’s dojo Stirling Karate JKA SKC is based at 45 Huntriss Road in Karrinyup Perth, Western Australia.

Her approach to karate instructing combines traditional karate and sports karate. With her background in sports science, she has a holistic approach to balancing physical conditioning and karate ability for students of all ages.

Style Organization: Japanese Karate Association

All Styles Body: World Karate Federation (WKF)  

JKA Qualification: A Instructor B Referee A Examiner

Australia Karate Federation: Accredited Coach and State-Level Referee.