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JKA Tournaments

2014 – of the KZN JKA championships

Have a look at this highlights video from the KZN JKA championships is held annually as a combined club championships in KZN – Durban South Africa. The Tournament is a fantastic showcase of KZN’s karate students both big and small. It is a safe and exciting environment where many karate students get exposed to karate competition for the ‪

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2014 – of the SA JKA National Championships

Here are the biggest hits from 2014 of the SA JKA National Championships. This is always a well-organized prestigious event with around 3 000 entries taking place at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg. What I love about it is seeing old friends that are like family. Young, old, junior and senior compete with great spirit see you there Oss.

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2015 – SAJKA Nationals 2015 – Ladies Biggest Hits

Watch this.. Here is the senior ladies open kumite at the SAJKA Nationals 2015. Looking forward to SA JKA Nationals 2016.

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