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Karin Prinsloo – Dynamic Karate Training – Jumping Drills

In this video I give various different power jumping drills that is effective for karate and can easily be done in the dojo.

Plyometrics involve power jumping, repetitive bounding and quick force production. When your muscles eccentrically contract, or shorten, then immediately stretch and lengthen, they produce maximal power ideal for karate situations. It is a fast movement that happens over a short period. Plyometrics are ideal for karate-ka or people looking to improve muscular power, speed and strength. They also help facilitate weight loss and help tone and define your muscles.

Plyometrics were originally designed for power athletes. According to Brian Mac, professional sports coach, your muscles achieve maximum power during eccentric contractions, or muscle lengthening. When you immediately follow an eccentric contraction with a concentric — or muscle-shortening — contraction, your muscle produces a greater force. This is called the stretch-shortening cycle. Plyometric training decreases the time between your eccentric and concentric contractions and improves your muscular speed and power. ‪#‎karinprinsloo‬ ‪#‎karate‬ ‪#‎SAJKA‬ ‪#‎karatetraining‬