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To teach is to learn.. Karin Prinsloo Karate Teaching Student 4

Its true. Ask anyone that teaches karate.


Karrinyup Karate – 2 Nerita Way – Stirling Karate.

Like well known karate blogger, Jessie said, “To teach is to learn twice. When you teach something to others you are forced to rethink your understanding of it.”

  • Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it to a 5 year old, you don’t understand it well enough”

Karate provides a lot of mental and intellectual stimulation over and above the physical benefits. To have a deeper understanding of karate technique will most certainly add to your enjoyment of the art. Teaching karate will force you to explain why and how techniques were designed to work, especially when a 6 year old puts you on the spot!

  • I have seen the benefits of seniors teaching in our dojo over the last 20 years. It is part of our dojo culture to Karin Prinsloo Karate Teaching Student 2teach at least once a Karin Prinsloo Karate Teaching Student 1week when you receive your shodan.

This is what it’s achieving:

  1. Young adults (and older ones) learning to take responsibility, build self esteem, become leaders and give back.
  2. Learning twice, re think karate. Remembering and executing karate better and become better karate-ka.
  3. Establishing a culture of friendship and caring for fellow dojo members which builds camaraderie and spirit.

I would love to know what you learn from teaching karate in the comments section below. What do you learn from teaching karate?

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